Life vs illustration 

If you haven’t already, you have to check out Sarah’s scribbles. She’s an illustrator who relates so much to my life it’s untrue!  Here’s how she relates to everyone’s life and my life. 

Welcome to everyday of my life.

I really struggle to shop like a real girl. If you’ve been inside my wardrobe you’ll also know that I find folding clothes really difficult. It’s even more awkward when they’ve just been folded and the woman is staring at you 

When I go on holiday I may as well just stay indoors because as soon as I leave the door I burn. 

This is currently the biggest nightmare of my life. I got an asymmetrical pixie cut, it was the worse decision of my life. Not only didn’t I imagine it would take to the age of 30 to grow substantially but the asymetics caused it to be wonky. Don’t ever do it. 

I don’t even feel like this needs a description. 

Please let me know if you relate to these! It can’t just be me right? Go check out her page if you get the chance! 

Happy Birthday Barbie…I think. 

So this week’s been a special one. Not only has it been international women’s day but it was also Barbies birthday. As a result of this, I have a question for you.   How can one of the biggest toy brands still not have gender equal career barbies? How can we bring up our daughters to believe they can be anything they want to be, when a toy they play with everyday says otherwise? 

I did some digging on Barbies website, as I know it’s been a controversial topic for a while now.  Barbie released a video on their website this week stressing that little girls could be anything. All I could find on the website was nurse Dolls, teacher dolls and vet dolls to name a few. The most gender neutral being a soccer doll. 

Where are the physicist dolls, the army dolls and the chemist dolls? All jobs which girls can do. Surely if they can have a campaign which stresses that girls can be anything, then they should have dolls to match. Where are the dolls which show our daughter’s that can be anything they want to be? They can be anything from bricklayers to mechanics but Barbie seem to focus on the dolls which promote staying at home and bringing up the child, like the twin playset and when they do have career dolls, they are typically ‘girl’ toys. 

Maybe we need to start with the toys our children play with every day, in order to really be equal. The time when they are playing with Barbies is the time they are learning about gender so why should they have to have a certain career path because they are a girl, or have to be saved by a handsome prince? In my eyes that’s not equal     .

Maybe Barbie doesn’t deserve a birthday after all. 

Why are we so British? 

 There’s a number of things we do,  which make us incredibly British. Like I’m not being funny but why do we always do that stupid half jog half walk accross the road. Does that really show we’re speeding up… stop it you look a kangaroo with a broken leg. Seen as we’re British it’s probably time to stick the kettle on whilst you read this. 

 We tend to have some pretty awkward conversations… like with taxi drivers. Have you ever noticed how you’ll say “anywhere here’s fine mate” and you’ll literally be outside your house. Why can we not just say I live at number 36. we even have awkward conversations about the weather, then proceed to stare out of the window for the next five minutes in silence. 

We’re also extremely polite, especially if it may equate into an awkward situation later. “Yay omg I’d love to do that” usually means “id much rather be in bed watching Ben and jerrys”. When you really can’t decide what to do, you also spend about 3 hours saying “I don’t mind” to eachother. 

It’s actually nice weather today, which brings me to my final point. As soon as Britain hits 15 degrees, we experiences all the tank tops and the sun roof is open instantly. Barbecues are mandatory and we have to go on a day out as soon as see the sun, we barely see it after all. 

So in other words, were just really weird. Especially to people who aren’t British. 

How to be a Pro Binge watcher

Disclaimer Trying this method may cause the following side effects: • dreaming about your binge-worthy show

• obsessive thoughts

• strong emotional feelings while watching

• urges to Google actors/actresses/spoilers, etc.

Hooray, they’ve finally put the new season of your favourite TV show on Netflix! This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. I’m thinking you’re planning a big binge-watch session, am I right? Don’t worry, I won’t judge, I binge-watch shows all the time, it’s actually “IN” these days, it seems! But, I’m also thinking that you’ve always wondered just how to become a Pro Binge-Watcher? Well, no need to look any further, I am about to give it to you in just a few steps! Brace yourself, this will be intense 🙂


Zoey-valuated Steps To Becoming a Pro Binge-watcher:

Time – You will most definitely need to set aside some time for this. Hopefully a day when you’re off work/school, etc. These obligations could possibly get in the way of your binge-watching.

Location – Having a comfortable place to sit/lounge is very important. You will be spending a good amount of time in this place, so comfort is a plus! Also, crucial to your watching… good quality WiFi. Getting interrupted over and over again to fix the internet connection? Not fun, trust me.

Food – Fuel is important. Now this part is dependent on how hardcore you wanna be with this bingewatching thing. If you really don’t want any distractions, stocking up all food/snacks beside your seating area is quite helpful. This will minimize the amount of times you need to get up to go grab things from the kitchen. Now, drinks. This is where it gets even trickier. Obviously, you’re gonna want to have drinks with you as well, but too many drinks will result in too many bathroom breaks. So, really this one is a judgment call. You know your bladder, so you can hopefully estimate how much you can drink throughout your binge-time. Good luck with it!

Focus – This one is hardest for me. Time to put away those cell phones! With your Android/iPhone right beside you, it is pretty tempting to glance at it every few minutes to see what’s happening with your friends, social media accounts, etc (hopefully it’s not just me who this is an issue for…) But this activity will definitely distract you from what’s most important… your show. So, try your hardest to put that phone aside and focus on your television.

Now, sit back and relax, because you’re in for a ride! What I love most about binge-watching TV shows… getting engrossed in the plot and characters’ lives. Crystal Reed who played Allison in TeenWolf says it best. I leave you with this:

“There’s something to be said about sitting in front of the TV and being removed from your own life and just pushed into another one.” Crystal Reed


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10 signs that you are Rory Gilmore 

So if you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls yet you probably should, it’s amazing. If you haven’t it’s time to fill you in. It’s basically about a mother and a daughter living in Stars Hollow Connecticut and how they deal with life. The younger character Rory seems to literally relate to every 20 something out there… but is there a way to prove that you are Rory Gilmore? 

Trying to find yourself- Especially in the ten year revival episodes we saw last year, Rory’s struggling to find a job and living between addresses. This is kind of like most students when they leave University.  They are likely to move in with their parents until they find something suitable and save up some cash. It’s ok if your like Rory though and your mums your best friend! 

Your not an early morning person- now I’m not making assumptions here but I struggle to even function before 11am, just like Rory. I’ll function if I have to but I’d rather not. 

You consider ordering takeout a sport- Dominoes, Chinese, Indian, Al’s pancake world, they’re all relative to you. Regardless or whether you live in Stars Hollow or some place real, you’ve got really good at ordering take out. Multiple times a week in fact. 

You prefer books to people- if you prefer sticking your nose in a book than actually talking to people, then your probably Rory Gilmore. That’s all she ever did after all. 

You have a local- whether this a restaraunt, a bar or Lukes Diner you have that local place where the  owner knows your order by heart. I’ve been trying to work out for a long time whether this is a little creepy, or whether you just go in there too much and your the creepy one. 

You live in a tiny town- if you do everybody knows everybody and your probably everyone’s best friend. It’s weird.

She lives for her next caffeine hit- if you just live of coffee then you relate strongly to Rory. Like her mum, all she needs is her next coffee hit. 

You have boy troubles- let’s face it we all have boy troubles from time to time. But if your like Rory you’ll constantly be awkwardly running into your ex and avoiding the places he goes most. 

Your a pro at movie marathons- if you can sit for hours on end watching movies and trash tv then you are Rory. This is also one of my many talents, especially when watching Harry Potter. 

And finally…. your best friends with your mum- wouldn’t we all kill to have a relationship like Rory and lorelei. It’s perfect. No ones a bigger best friend than your mum right?! 

If you fit into all of these categories then you are Rory Gilmore. Enjoy your new found status and welcome to Stars Hollow! 

Fairytale love, what’s it really like? 

We all know the story, Cinderella finds her prince, they get married and live happily ever after. What they don’t tell you is it’s not like that, at all. In fact, if you got married in a week I’d be extremely worried. So what do the films fail to tell us?

Cinderella never kissed a few frogs until she met her prince.  

Cinderella didn’t want to run a mile when she got questionned by her embarrassing parents. 

And she sure as hell didn’t have 4000 dates before she met her Charming. 

So what is a relationship really like? 

There’s at least a few weeks of awkward dates and not really knowing what’s happening. Don’t pretend that you didn’t go to the toilet just to take a few deep breaths, or ring your friend as soon as the date was over to debrief. 

Then finally your in a relationship. This is the so called ‘honeymoon period’. It ain’t no honeymoon honey. Getting so nervous the first time you go over to their house, that you just sweat to death and want to die. 

A couple of months in, you start testing the boundaries. Think of that first argument you ever had, when you went and slept on the sofa. Or the time your partner came in after drinking at 3am and you had an argument about them not caring etc. But you get over this because you love them and that’s what happens in a relationship…but no not for Cinderella, cinders is polishing her tiara and loving life being none the wiser.

A couple of years down the line your growing tired and bored of the arguments. But you love them so you stick around.  After all, the times you are like Cinderella and Prince Charming make it all worth it. 

Then finally after years and years, you get married. Finally you have that fairytale wedding. But will you go on to live happily ever after? Who knows but be prepared for some bumps in the road.