Life vs illustration 

If you haven’t already, you have to check out Sarah’s scribbles. She’s an illustrator who relates so much to my life it’s untrue!  Here’s how she relates to everyone’s life and my life. 

Welcome to everyday of my life.

I really struggle to shop like a real girl. If you’ve been inside my wardrobe you’ll also know that I find folding clothes really difficult. It’s even more awkward when they’ve just been folded and the woman is staring at you 

When I go on holiday I may as well just stay indoors because as soon as I leave the door I burn. 

This is currently the biggest nightmare of my life. I got an asymmetrical pixie cut, it was the worse decision of my life. Not only didn’t I imagine it would take to the age of 30 to grow substantially but the asymetics caused it to be wonky. Don’t ever do it. 

I don’t even feel like this needs a description. 

Please let me know if you relate to these! It can’t just be me right? Go check out her page if you get the chance! 


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