Why are we so British? 

 There’s a number of things we do,  which make us incredibly British. Like I’m not being funny but why do we always do that stupid half jog half walk accross the road. Does that really show we’re speeding up… stop it you look a kangaroo with a broken leg. Seen as we’re British it’s probably time to stick the kettle on whilst you read this. 

 We tend to have some pretty awkward conversations… like with taxi drivers. Have you ever noticed how you’ll say “anywhere here’s fine mate” and you’ll literally be outside your house. Why can we not just say I live at number 36. we even have awkward conversations about the weather, then proceed to stare out of the window for the next five minutes in silence. 

We’re also extremely polite, especially if it may equate into an awkward situation later. “Yay omg I’d love to do that” usually means “id much rather be in bed watching Ben and jerrys”. When you really can’t decide what to do, you also spend about 3 hours saying “I don’t mind” to eachother. 

It’s actually nice weather today, which brings me to my final point. As soon as Britain hits 15 degrees, we experiences all the tank tops and the sun roof is open instantly. Barbecues are mandatory and we have to go on a day out as soon as see the sun, we barely see it after all. 

So in other words, were just really weird. Especially to people who aren’t British. 


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