10 signs that you are Rory Gilmore 

So if you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls yet you probably should, it’s amazing. If you haven’t it’s time to fill you in. It’s basically about a mother and a daughter living in Stars Hollow Connecticut and how they deal with life. The younger character Rory seems to literally relate to every 20 something out there… but is there a way to prove that you are Rory Gilmore? 

Trying to find yourself- Especially in the ten year revival episodes we saw last year, Rory’s struggling to find a job and living between addresses. This is kind of like most students when they leave University.  They are likely to move in with their parents until they find something suitable and save up some cash. It’s ok if your like Rory though and your mums your best friend! 

Your not an early morning person- now I’m not making assumptions here but I struggle to even function before 11am, just like Rory. I’ll function if I have to but I’d rather not. 

You consider ordering takeout a sport- Dominoes, Chinese, Indian, Al’s pancake world, they’re all relative to you. Regardless or whether you live in Stars Hollow or some place real, you’ve got really good at ordering take out. Multiple times a week in fact. 

You prefer books to people- if you prefer sticking your nose in a book than actually talking to people, then your probably Rory Gilmore. That’s all she ever did after all. 

You have a local- whether this a restaraunt, a bar or Lukes Diner you have that local place where the  owner knows your order by heart. I’ve been trying to work out for a long time whether this is a little creepy, or whether you just go in there too much and your the creepy one. 

You live in a tiny town- if you do everybody knows everybody and your probably everyone’s best friend. It’s weird.

She lives for her next caffeine hit- if you just live of coffee then you relate strongly to Rory. Like her mum, all she needs is her next coffee hit. 

You have boy troubles- let’s face it we all have boy troubles from time to time. But if your like Rory you’ll constantly be awkwardly running into your ex and avoiding the places he goes most. 

Your a pro at movie marathons- if you can sit for hours on end watching movies and trash tv then you are Rory. This is also one of my many talents, especially when watching Harry Potter. 

And finally…. your best friends with your mum- wouldn’t we all kill to have a relationship like Rory and lorelei. It’s perfect. No ones a bigger best friend than your mum right?! 

If you fit into all of these categories then you are Rory Gilmore. Enjoy your new found status and welcome to Stars Hollow! 


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