Fairytale love, what’s it really like? 

We all know the story, Cinderella finds her prince, they get married and live happily ever after. What they don’t tell you is it’s not like that, at all. In fact, if you got married in a week I’d be extremely worried. So what do the films fail to tell us?

Cinderella never kissed a few frogs until she met her prince.  

Cinderella didn’t want to run a mile when she got questionned by her embarrassing parents. 

And she sure as hell didn’t have 4000 dates before she met her Charming. 

So what is a relationship really like? 

There’s at least a few weeks of awkward dates and not really knowing what’s happening. Don’t pretend that you didn’t go to the toilet just to take a few deep breaths, or ring your friend as soon as the date was over to debrief. 

Then finally your in a relationship. This is the so called ‘honeymoon period’. It ain’t no honeymoon honey. Getting so nervous the first time you go over to their house, that you just sweat to death and want to die. 

A couple of months in, you start testing the boundaries. Think of that first argument you ever had, when you went and slept on the sofa. Or the time your partner came in after drinking at 3am and you had an argument about them not caring etc. But you get over this because you love them and that’s what happens in a relationship…but no not for Cinderella, cinders is polishing her tiara and loving life being none the wiser.

A couple of years down the line your growing tired and bored of the arguments. But you love them so you stick around.  After all, the times you are like Cinderella and Prince Charming make it all worth it. 

Then finally after years and years, you get married. Finally you have that fairytale wedding. But will you go on to live happily ever after? Who knows but be prepared for some bumps in the road. 


13 thoughts on “Fairytale love, what’s it really like? 

  1. So true! It is so hard to accept the reality that a true fairy tale love doesn’t exist. I think that’s why I love sappy romance novels and movies. A girl can dream right?!?


  2. Love it! So true. Been married for two and a half years, and I still remember those stressful first dates!!
    Shared on twitter ♡


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