How 90’s toys prepared us for disaster 

Remember those toys you always used to play with as a kid? Well they were secretly preparing us for awaiting disasters in adulthood. 

1. The slip ‘n’ slide. 

This was every child’s perfect day in the summer. In actual fact this slide was preparing you for that day you would eventually fall flat on your face, when tripping over your own foot, to slide to your death.  

2. The Tamagotchi

Looking after a little tiny creature is in theory easy. It wasn’t. But who knew as an adult you’d have to control yourself like you did that tamagotchi and actually remember to eat? 

3. Pokemon on game boy 

Preparing you for that addiction, which would come to haunt you at the age of 20. 

4. Temporary tattoos 

Who knew that one day you’d have a more permanent tattoo that you couldn’t just rub off with rubbing alcohol when you grow bored of it at the age of 60. 

5. The magic 8 ball 

Didn’t we just do what we wanted anyway regardless of the answer? Kind of like when your friend gives you advice as an adult and you choose to ignore it and stick to your original plan anyway. 

6. Your doctors set 

For the day you would eventually self diagnose yourself every day, usually with web MD and have a diagnostic of death. 

7. Skip it. 

Teaching us that as many times as life knocks us down and we fall on our face, we get back up and do it again, it’s fun after all. 

8. Easy bake oven 

Letting us know early on that we would be a failure at cooking, especially when we used to fry the plastic grapes. 

9.the little tikes car 

For that time when your involved in a car accident in adulthood and realise your not invincible and it actually really hurts. Similar to when you fell on your side in this evil vehicle. 

10. The toy cash register 

This in theory helped us to Handle our money in adulthood, but is a a chicken leg really 5p like it was back in the day? 


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