Problems of a 20 something 

Come on, admit it. Hitting the age of 20 is absolutely terrifying. There’s enough to think about In life without the fact your turning into a real adult, with real problems.

 Every 20 something always seems to share the same issues as they progress from teenagehood into full blown adulthood and here are some common problems we all face: 

-not really sure what your doing with your life: whether your graduating from Uni, living at home or already graduated this idea is an enigma. Do you get a job, go travelling for a while and find yourself? what do you do?! 

-Thinking your growing into a crazy cat lady- every time you go home your mum wants to know what’s happening in your love life and whether she needs to buy a hat for your wedding. She need not excite herself. 

-learning to juggle bills and buying that cute skirt you saw in topshop. 

– finding that one job that will help you cover those bills, hopefully the skirt too if your lucky. 

-Staying up late. Your an adult now, you don’t need a bed time, which you instantly regret every morning. 

– Trying to remember your adult chores, like what day the bins go out and which colour needs to be out on a specific day. 

-Realising that dream you had as a 6 year old, where you’d be a millionaire and own a Ferrari is fast becoming an unrealistic expectation. 

-Lastly, feeling like your falling into a pit of fire when your wifi gives out and you have nothing to do apart from stare at the walls. 

It’s hard being an adult. There’s one million things that could be mentioned for why your 20s are so scary and these were only some of my favourites. 

Yours sincerely, 

A sufferer of the 20 something generation. 


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