Cheesy chat ups 

I found a quote on elite daily which somes things up pretty well- 

“Were not Jay Z. We have 99 problems and girl/boy problems are definitely one” 

Since the naughties all we see is adverts for the new hip dating sites and there are absolutely thousands to chose from. But there’s one in particular that seems to have taken our generation by storm… tinder. If you don’t know tinder, it’s quite simple. You see a person you swipe right for yes and left for no if you both swipe right it’s a match! However from this app there are some downsides and some pretty awful chat up lines, from guys and girls wanting your attention.

 What they don’t realise however is that these lines are awful and your never going to reply… in fact, all it leads to is an unmatch. So what are the worst chat up lines people have ever received? Let’s find out. Here are some of my favourite.  

“You can call me Nemo, because I’m not afraid to touch the butt” 


No thanks hunny. Nice try though! 

“My parents changed the locks so I could use a place to stay. Your cute by the way” 

Please make it stop. 

“I love you” 

Yep. No…Sure fire way to not get a date from tinder. 

His persistence paid off and she eventually said he was cute! 

And to the Down right rude.  

“Your friends hotter can you pass the phone to her please” UNMATCH 

I feel like it’s time to say goodbye to tinder. It’s had it’s time.  I mean if you meet the man of your dreams then I’m happy for you….But if you start a conversation like this, good luck. 

Thank you everyone who sent in their chat up lines! 


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