Are some people really born to dance?

Anyone who knows me knows I cannot dance. I do performing arts at Univeristy as a society and you’ll always see me doing the wrong leg or arm until show day (sometimes even on show day! Oops) but some people in the society are incredible dancers. This got me thinking are we really born to dance?

Apparently we are all born with an infinity to dance. Studies show that all babies naturally respond to music with dance. So why is it some of us unlucky soles just can’t do it later In life? 

Research has actually been carried by a man called Richard Einstein to suggest that there is a big genetic difference between those of us who can dance and those who can’t. These genes are the seratonin receptor and arginine vasopressin receptor 1a. They’re responsible for sending information to the nerves and levels of seratonin, so it’s not surprising some of us are better dancers. There’s also bodily differences which make us a better dancer. For instance ballet dancers tend to be taller than contempory dancers! 

If it really is that you need a certain body type to be able to dance and a certain gene, it explains why I can’t. I Often cause chaos in rehearsals, by tripping over my own feet or something similar and this finally explains why! 

However people can still be good at dance if they have trained from a very young age. It seems like we are able to condition our bodies into a certain style of dance if we work hard enough from being a baby. 

So apparently there is a certain type of person who is just born to dance! Who knew! 


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