Being the outcast 

Ever feel like your not part of a social group or that your too weird to function? Yeah that was me as a teenager. For every teenage girl growing up in the 2000’s Angus thongs and perfect snogging was a right of passage. 

My entire teenage life was the embodiment of Georgia Nicolson from the film. Picture my 13th birthday in fancy dress, people dressed as Lara croft and other “cool” characters of the time. Who did I dress as? Spongebob square pants, inside a giant yellow cube. Just like Georgia, when she dresses as the stuffed olive.  

The pencil test was also a big element of my teenage life, This is super embarrassing to admit. I don’t want your sympathy for my body as I was going through puberty because looking back on what we used to do as teenagers is the highlight of my day, especially the old Facebook profile photos! 

Now I’m pretty sure most girls go through this too but the awkwardness with boys was cringeworthy, looking back at it makes me laugh though, especially with the embarrassing mum! 

As I got older and went to uni I learnt to embrace every bit of my weirdness  and found friends just as weird as me and do you know what? I’ve never been happier. So if you are the social outcast, so what? Embrace it, it’s who you are. 


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