How to make sure bae loves you this Valentine’s. 

So it’s Valentine’s Day and we all love a bit of attention…but how do we get it? Here’s 5 sure fire ways to get the attention you so desire this Valentine’s Day. 

1. Wrap presents in Christmas paper. Who has the time to buy new paper when there’s some left over? – as long as it’s red your on to a winner. 

2. Take bae to A&E after you fall down the stairs in those god awful high heels.  (Perfect candle lit dinner plan) 

3.give your partner food poisoning (the ultimate way to show affection) 

4. Forget to attend your dinner reservation- your partner loves being stood up, honest. 

And finally….

5. Bring your darling mother on the date. She’ll love to have a catch up. 

Honestly…these are the perfect ways to feel the love this Valentine’s Day, they really do work. 😉 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 


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