Disastrous things I’ve done this week

This week has been full of disasters for me and it’s time to share them, In a hope that this week will be better….. (probably won’t be though will it?) 

-this week I dinted a pan by dropping it on the floor with force, chipped all the paint too. 

-I made some pretty bad cookies 

-I pulled a muscle on the air bag at a trampoline park thinking I was gymnastically inclined (I now know I am not) 

– I thought someone offering free flights to Vegas was legit, on the 30th and 31st of Feb (oops) 

-I dropped my phone in a pile of mud (sure a lot of you can relate to this blunder) 

-and finally I catapulted garlic sauce all over the kitchen creating a giant slip n slide for myself. 

Safe to say this past weeks been a nightmare for me and I’m sure it’ll be exactly the same this week. It’s now midnight and I’m ready for the disasters to begin….


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